Frequently asked questions

Q: What is JoinForm?

A: A free, easy and fast online membership join form built for Australian university clubs and societies. Member details are available to down load anytime.

Q: Can JoinForm collect membership fees?

A: Yes -If you have them. Even if you have different categories of member fees.

Q: Where can we use it?


  • As the membership page on your website.
  • A link from your Facebook page.
  • At an oweek stall using a smartphones, tablets or laptops and collecting cash member fees.
  • you can even collect member details on paper and enter them into JoinForm later.

Q: Is it customisable?


  • Hell yeah. You have your own url, like
  • Add your logo
  • Add any fields you need, including drop down.
  • Add customisable intro text, and end text.

Q: How does JoinForm work at Oweek when we want to collect cash on the day?

A: Anyone who is signing people up at a stall (using a laptop, tablet or phone) is made an admin user in JoinForm. They will then have a unique "oweek joinform url" just for them. This special url requires no online payment, but instead tags the new member as paying by cash to your admin user. The new member pays cash to the exec member and completes the form on the laptop, tablet or phone. Your club treasurer can audit by seeing how many people each admin user signed up and matching that to the cash taken.

Q: What does using JoinForm cost?

A: Nothing. We fund the project by having an optional "i'd also like to join studentvip" tick box on the form.

Q: So do we need to link our paypal or bank account to our JoinForm?

A: No. We looked at that and its technically challenging and a lot of work for you and us. Instead, the fees collected go into a JoinForm trust account and at any time you can request a bulk transfer of funds to your account. There is an Accounts page that lets you request a transfer from JoinForm to your bank account or club paypal account. Generally transfers take less than 48 hours.

Q: Our Student Union requires our members to be Union members too - How do we handle that?

A: No problem you can add a question to your form that asks there membership number.
Or a question that says "Are you a union member? Yes/No"
You can even offer different member fees for members and non members.

Q: How long does it take to set up a club JoinForm?

A: 4 minutes.

Q: How secure is it?

A: Extremely. Only your admin users have access to the member list. You can set up multiple exec members to administer the club's JoinForm account. We require the President and at least one other exec member to be administrators.

Q: Can we download the member list as a spreadsheet?

A: Yep.

Q: Who built JoinForm?

A: It's built by Student Services Australia. SSA specialises in providing useful and free services to university students. Things like;

JoinForm is funded by StudentVIP - the only "cost" is JoinForm includes an option for your members to also join StudentVIP. It's optional, plus members can unsubscribe at any time.

Q: Can we see examples of JoinForm being used by clubs?

A: Sure.

Privacy compliance

The short version:

JoinForm, StudentVIP and Student Services Australia complies with all Australian privacy legislation, including the Privacy Act (1988) and in particular Section 14 of the Act -Information Privacy Principles. We have even had the Privacy Commissioner as a client.

The detailed version:

Students have two options when using JoinForm;
1. Join your club only.
2. Join your club and join StudentVIP.

If students choose the first option, StudentVIP will have no access or usage of their information. Your club will have access to their data and your club must abide by Australian privacy legislation. Student data will be stored on the JoinForm server, however this complies with privacy legislation.

If students choose option two, they are choosing to join two organisations. In this case, they will also be joining StudentVIP, giving them free access to all StudentVIP services including StudentVIP Textbooks, Tutors, Subject ratings and email alerts. If at a later date they decide they don’t want to be a StudentVIP member, they can unsubscribe at any time.

Q: Who can I get help from?

A: Email